In Rome, in a villa on the Via Appia, it is possible to live in a real thriller film. This is not a simple escape room, but to be the protagonist of a horror. The House of Evil is one of a kind.

The innovative game reinterprets the classic escape room concept, merging it with the theatrical and cinematographic world. During the interaction, each participant plays a role and, together with the others, is the protagonist. Everyone’s choices and actions are fundamental to guide the development and epilogue of history.

To make the patrons of the villa spend a memorable experience, the organizers have really thought of everything. Nothing is left to chance, the location, the story, the actors and the special effects. To date there is only the first act of the story entitled “The House”, but the imaginative managers are already working on the second chapter.

The image does not represent the villa of the house of evil, it is for illustrative purposes only

 The villa that hosts the protagonists has 500 square meters that extend over 3 floors. The game lasts 90 minutes and the guests of the stately home can be a maximum of 12. The cost per person is 25 euros.

The evil house also organizes special events for companies and team building. For these events, you can choose, depending on your needs, a team Vs team experience or a live horror experience.

If what we have reported has intrigued you, you can request further information regarding the game directly from the organizers. You can contact them via whatsapp or sms the number +39 3518609064 or by sending an email to or visit the website

If instead you have no doubt and want to book your experience you can do it directly at this link

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